A Study of Bhai Vir Singh's Poetry

A Study of Bhai Vir Singh's Poetry

by Preetam Singh Safeer(Author)

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Pritam Singh Safeer was born at Malikpur , now in Pakistan. His father, Sardar Mehtab Singh was teacher,and a leading Sikh political activist. Safir passed his graduation from Khalsa College,Amritsar. Then he went to Law College, Lahore. after completing his degree there he started practice in 1938. After Partition he moved to Delhi Bar, where he became the Judge of the High Court, Delhi, in 1969.Panj Natak plays and Aad Jugad,Sarab Kala, Agam Agochar and prose work Dhur Ki Bani .

Book Id 1634
Languages English, Punjabi
Release Date 08/27/2013

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