Dula Bhatti : Paath Ate Samikheya

Dula Bhatti : Paath Ate Samikheya

by Kishan Singh (Author) Language : Punjabi Total Download : 339 Share this Book.....

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Who has not heard of folksong “Sundar mundriye, ho!, tera kaun vichara, ho!” at times of ‘Lohri’ and ‘Marriage Ceremonies?’ Barely anyone. But very few of us would know the actual tale behind this song. This piece of literature is one of the earliest attempts to unfold the mystery woven in the character of ‘Dula Bhatti.’ Did he really exist? In 1897, our Author Kishan Singh wrote a very good book Dula Bhatti: Paath Ate Samikheya – Punjabi.' It tells the story along with a very good description of each and every protagonist. After the story, the other part is written in ‘Poetics’ keeping the theme intact throughout; ‘Dula Bhatti.’ It is highly recommended for the children who want to improve their Punjabi language skill. It has grammar part with the story and word index which explains difficult terms mentioned in the book.


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